warning Movie Download

warning Movie Download

Warning” is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language movie directed by Gurmeet Singh, known for its gripping narrative and suspenseful storytelling. The film is a part of the thriller genre and revolves around a group of friends who find themselves in a life-threatening situation while out on a boating trip.

The story begins with a reunion of seven friends: Taranjit (Santosh Barmola), Anshul (Manjari Fadnnis), Deepak (Varun Sharma), Gunjan (Jitin Gulati), Aman (Sumit Suri), Megha (Madhurima Tuli), and Jeanine (Suzana Rodrigues). They decide to embark on a luxurious yacht trip in the picturesque waters off the coast. What starts as a fun and adventurous getaway quickly turns into a nightmare.

During their trip, the friends decide to take a swim, leaving the yacht’s ladder down for easy re-entry. However, a series of unfortunate events unfold when the ladder accidentally gets pulled up, leaving them stranded in the open water with no way to get back on the yacht. Panic ensues as they realize the gravity of their situation, and the group must confront their worst fears and survival instincts.

As the hours pass, the friends face the harsh realities of their predicament. Dehydration, exhaustion, and the threat of marine predators test their endurance and willpower. The psychological tension among the group escalates, revealing underlying secrets and personal conflicts. The film explores themes of friendship, trust, betrayal, and the human instinct for survival.


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